Brand Names are the Singapore Online Casino Safest Bet

The savvy consumer more often than not has been conditioned to equate name brands with inflated prices. When shopping for clothes, fragrances, shoes and the likes, we’re taught that our money goes a lot further when we avoid throwing cash at those little labels that are somehow supposed boost our social statuses.


That philosophy goes a long way in the material world, but the savvy Internet shopper knows the importance of sticking with familiar brands and not wandering too far from the path, so to speak. This is even more important for Internet gamblers, who are urged to use extreme caution in selecting where online to play. Nameless, faceless online casinos aren’t very inviting and rightfully so. For the Internet gambler, recognizable brands are far more attractive than the nameless and the faceless.


The world isn’t quite ready for online casinos operated by Caesars Palace and MGM Grand, but in the past two or three years, opportunities to gamble at sites associated with well known, trusted brands has increased dramatically.


The following is a short list of sites that offer such opportunities. Obviously, some of the brands are more recognizable than others, but all of them offer a degree of safety and comfort that, at this point, isn’t very common. Okay, so Lasseters isn’t exactly a household name. But, in virtual gaming circles, it’s recognized as being one of the most well regulated casinos on the Web. It’s the only online casino operated out of Australia, where consumer protection is the top priority. Lasseters also has a land-based casino, which is located in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. and Both of these sites are run by Stanley Leisure, a prestigious gaming company with land-based casinos in the United Kingdom. The company is known for operating upscale gaming establishments, the most recognized one being Crockford’s. Kiwi Casino is operated by Christchurch Casinos, the same company that runs Christchurch Casino in New Zealand. This is one of many recent cases in which a land-based casino has taken to the Internet. You won’t find a brand much stronger than this. The site is actually operated by a company called GamingInternet Plc, but the fact that Harrods department store has lent its name to the project gives it instant credibility. GamingInternet also has an online casino partnership with the Ritz hotel in Paris. William Hill, one of the biggest sports betting operations in the world, has run betting shops in the United Kingdom since 1934. The group extended its brand to the rest of the world by taking its sports betting services to the Internet. In 2000, they expanded again by setting up this online casino. Ladbrokes operates the largest chain of Singapore Online Casino betting shops in the world. Like William Hill, Ladbrokes has established itself as a highly respected retailer in the United Kingdom. And like William Hill, it recently launched an online casino.




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