3 Tips To Make You A Better Trader

Trading is an art as much as a science, probably more so. You need to have the mental strength and stamina to be able to handle making and losing money on a day-to-day basis. Trading with a practice account will help you learn the basics of the market, but will not give you that mental and psychological strength and stamina, the skills you need most. Here are a few things you can do.
1. Look at the trade from funded forex sides. Are you looking to buy a certain pair? Try to imagine the feelings you have if you were to SELL that pair. What feeling do you have when looking at the opposite side? Remember these feelings and you will notice improvements as you become accustomed to the feelings of both sides.
2. Decide to make money, not to be RIGHT. Many people have an obsession with being right. Remember, trading isn’t an exam, it’s for you to make money. Just because you are down on a trade doesn’t mean to have to stay in it to prove anything. Cut your losses if your trade looks bad, or your feelings go from confidence to HOPE. When this happens, you are putting yourself in dangerous position and setting yourself up for more losses.
3. You don’t HAVE to trade. Many of us log in at the same time everyday looking for set ups. This is great. You will develop a sense for the pairs and stay in tune with the …

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BMW and Sirius XM Radio Extend Relationship

BMW will continue to offer SIRIUS as a factory option with a one-year bundled subscription
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – November 10, 2008… BMW has extended its relationship with SIRIUS XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) through September of 2011.
“Satellite radio’s exceptional content fits well with BMW, delivering a premium mobility experience to our owners. More and more BMW owners are choosing to equip their vehicles with SIRIUS and we are pleased to continue making it available to current and future BMW owners,” said Jack Pitney, Vice-President of Marketing for BMW of North America.
“BMW provides their customers with a superb driving experience and our commercial-free music and great sports, talk and news programming affords BMW owners the best in-vehicle entertainment anywhere,” said Mel Karmazin, CEO of SIRIUS XM Radio. “We are very pleased to continue to extend our partnership with BMW.”
The BMW Z1 was introduced in 1987 and came available in 1988. There were only 4 colors available, although two more were added in 1991, the same year production of this unique car ended … The car was based on the E30 325i and shared items like the engine and dashboard parts. Needless to say the car will be a future classic!
The Z3 was introduced in 1995. It was available as 2 door roadster. There was one models available: the 1.8. This model had the M43 four cylinder engine from the E36 3 series. In 1996 a 1.9 was also available. This model had a …

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Eggs: A Weight Maintenance and Loss Method

It is widely known that proper diet helps to reduce fat cell growth and helps to maintain the smoothed appearance from liposuction. The culmination of numerous reports signifies that eggs help to reduce caloric intake and curb appetite for up to an entire day following breakfast with eggs.
Comparing Bagels to Eggs: The results of protein rich breakfast research conducted by Maria Luz Fernandez, Ph.D., professor in the department of nutritional sciences at the University of Connecticut were presented at the Experimental Biology 2009 Annual Conference. The study compared men who ate egg breakfasts to men who ate bagel breakfasts. The result demonstrated that high protein egg breakfasts allow for people to be less hungry and to eat fewer calories at the lunch hour. In fact, the men who ate egg breakfasts consumed fewer total daily calories than men who ate bagels at breakfast time.
Health Benefits for the Obese: The International Journal of Obesity published study results showing that overweight dieters who ate eggs lost 65 percent more weight and felt more energetic than dieters who ate bagel breakfasts. There was no change in blood levels of LDL- and HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides between the individuals in both groups.
Teen Advantages with Eggs: University of Kansas Medical Center researchers measured appetite and caloric consumption among teens that skip breakfast with protein rich beverages. Those who drank protein rich beverages consumed more calories throughout the day when compared to those who ate solid protein rich breakfasts comprised of eggs. Hunger throughout …

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slot demo Cup Austria Freerolls

slot demo freerollsLove freerolls? Then you’re going to love this! We are pleased to be able to offer all players who have signed up through us to PokerStars or Full Tilt the opportunity of travelling to the beautiful town of Salzburg April 23rd to 27th for the Pokernews Cup Austria through an exclusive series of private freerolls. The prize packages are worth €1,500 (euros) each and include buy in and expenses to cover travel and hotel. This tournament will be limited to 400 players.
If you don’t already have an account with either of these sites then you can join in too.
So, to get to Austria this Spring through Pokerstars, download the software here and use the Pokerstars Marketing Code PAWSUB157 when you first register to entitle you to join these freerolls. Don’t forget to also use the latest Pokerstars Bonus Code STARS2008 when you make your first deposit at the cashier to entitle you to a first deposit bonus of 100% up to $50 and yes, more PokerStars first depositor freerolls (until Feb 23rd only – after that date check our latest Pokerstars Bonus Code page for the best bonus code available at that time).
For even more chances to win a seat at the Pokernews Cup Austria get signed up with the excellent Full Tilt Poker, with Full Tilt there is only one code needed, the Full Tilt Referral Code FULTBONUS, which will get your name on the list for the freerolls plus a first deposit bonus …

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Me, We, and Us sbobet

In Ashland, everyone has the same Friday night plans. The high school plays football under the lights at Putnam stadium and, in Ashland, even the most tired old ladies grab maroon seat cushions. The student section is in the north end zone, right next to the Tomcat pep band. I went to every game there for at least 10 years, and at the very last one, I took a punch in the face.
That year was a good one for me. I’d always had a good group of friends, and my life was too busy with baseball (usually pickup games in the park) and such to worry about the social ladder. But, I assume this is usually true, the senior year is something special. My confidence was swollen to the point that, at that sbobet game, I actually used this line on a very pretty girl, “So, you want to come over to my house, and see my stereo? Its pretty big.”
I didn’t have a follow up, when the girl said, “Sure!”
Amber Musser was the first truly pretty girl who seemed as interested in me as I was in her. She had long brown hair, enormous brown eyes, and an innocent smile that disguised her unusually wild, wild side. She was perfect for a retread like me. So we talked, I got her number, and I wandered off to mingle with friends.
The blast came while I was telling a friend about my pretty conversation. I heard …

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As a result, I got slot hoki cocky.


I limped in with Q5o in late position and a Q came on the flop with no overcards. I bet out and Chuck Sneer cold called. Curious. The turn was a blank, I bet out, he cold-called again. Very curious. I put him on a Q with a weak kicker. There wasn’t much of a draw on the board. The river spiked what I figured was the case queen. I put out a large bet, expecting Chuck Sneer to fold. He did me one better and put in a huge raise.

That was when The Sneer came into play. I tried to look into him. I wanted to see his kicker. After a couple of minutes of serious thought, I mucked my hand, turning up the queen. The table couldn’t believe I had laid it down. At the time, I felt okay about the laydown, and was only mad at myself for playing Q5o in the first place. Later, though, as I started watching how Chuck played, I realized that river raise was only a playing device for him. Eventually, someone he put on a weak flush called one of the river raises with a big flush. It was then I realized Chuck probably didn’t have the fourth Queen and had bluffed me something fierce.

While demoralizing, it was not a huge defeat for me. I had developed a certain amount of respect at the table and was using it to my advantage. I worried, slot hoki though, that …

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Situs slot deposit pulsa Pros barred from playing on Poker After Dark

situs slot deposit pulsa will not allow its players to keep partaking on the popular television poker show, Poker After Dark. This means that we will not be seeing any of Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Joe Hachem, The Fossilman, Vannessa Rousso, Marcin Horecki, Victor Ramdin, Bertrand Grospellier, William Thorson, Dario Minieri or any of the other renowned pokerstars pros on future PAD showings as of today. We do not know how this will be in the future though.
The reason seems to be the way Full Tilt Poker markets the PAD show internationally. While the US Broadcast does not seem to imply any kind of favoritism, the international version seems to be more branded not as Poker After Dark, but as a Full Tilt Poker show itself. For instance, in the Latin market, the show is not even referred to as Poker After Dark, but as Full Tilt Poker. Of course the stars commercials and party poker commercials keep playing in the background, but in the end, this is not the effect that Pokerstars was seeking. Recently they took the decision to put the kibosh on every further participation of their pros in this popular program.
This Easter, Ladbrokes Poker will be staging the very first Ladbrokes Easter Rendezvous Festival to be held at the Rendezvous Casino located on the Brighton Marina in the UK.
The Festival has a week-long schedule with tournaments starting Monday 6th April, including the £100,000* Main Event (£550 buy-in) on Sunday 12th April which will …

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

At the gym and at the pool on your winter vacation, you always want to put your best foot forward. Here are some tips to prevent fungal infections – for healthily and better looking toe nails. Also have a look at

Normally, toenails are effective barriers against fungus. However, fungus can infiltrate under the nail, in the nail bed and nail plate when there is untreated Athlete’s Foot, a break in the nail from an injury, certain medical conditions, or long-term exposure to dampness.

The fungi actually eat protein (keratin) in the nail, which causes thickened, yellowed nails. People can have nail fungus without realizing it. But you don’t have to give up your gym workouts or beach and pool visits. Embarrassing nail fungus is a treatable infection. The good news is that fungus grows slowly, is treatable and does not spread to internal organs.

This common condition is also known as Onychomycosis or Tinea Unguium. The fungi most likely to cause the problem are called dermatophytes, which thrive in warm, damp areas, including locker rooms, showers, spas and swimming pools.

Whether you are enjoying sun and sand, a pampering day at the spa or working out at the gym, you’ll want to be sure your nails are well-kept and healthy.

For some general prevention tips click on and follow these steps: Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

Check …

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Aussie Millions Excitement in togel Melbourne

The Aussie Millions, Southern Hemisphere’s biggest poker championship, kicked off at the Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia last week on January 5th. Nine champions have already been crowned, and the Main Event’s day 1 starts on Monday. There are 16 events scheduled, and the 10,000 AUD Main Event features a guaranteed first prize of 1 million AUD.
The events started with a 1,100 togel No Limit Holdem tournament which was played over two days and had total prize pool of 537,000 AUD. V‌incent Wan, a Melbourne native, battled Michael “Timex” McDonald heads up and emerged victorious, winning a handsome 142,302 AUD first prize. McDonald received 85,920 for his second place finish. The heads up match was in no way easy to win; it lasted for over 60 hands and the lead was traded back and forth a number of times before things were said and done. Wan eventually won with JJ after managing to get McDonald’s stack in the middle with A8o.

Event #1 results:
1) Vincent Wan (142,302 AUD)
2) Mike “Timex” McDonald (85,920 AUD)
3) Peter Pratis (56,385 AUD)
4) Justin Gendle (40,275 AUD)
5) Jovan Scekic (29,535 AUD)
6) Yevgeniy Timoshenko (21,480 AUD)
7) Alex Luck (16,110 AUD)
8 ) John Georges (12,888 AUD)
9) Con Cotsomitis (10,203 AUD)
10) Kalan Shuttlewood (7,787 AUD)

Event two was a 1,100 AUD Pot Limit Holdem tournament, attracting a 189 field and also played over two days. Chris Chronis, an Australian fashion designer, made a late run on Day 1 …

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togel hongkong hari ini Strategy: Hard 12

Learning the correct moves in blackjack, those moves that have the highest odds of success, is the key pinup online to being a good player and having the most success. Too many people try to go with their gut or just wing it, but blackjack basic strategy was created for a reason. It has been shown time and again to be the best way to reduce the house edge and the moves are those that give you the highest percentage chance of success.

Earlier I dissected the strategy for soft hands and right now we’re dealing with hard hands. In this case, it is a hard 12, which is any hand with a value of 12 that does not use an ace as an 11. The correct moves can be found on any togel hongkong hari ini basic strategy chart, but here they are in more detail.

If the dealer shows a 4, 5 or 6 as an upcard, you should stand. If the dealer shows anything else, you should take a hit.

This is the first hard hand we’ve covered where you would stand in any situation. That is because, unlike those hands, with a hard 12 there is a possibility of going bust. A 10 card is the most prevalent card in the deck, and receiving one would give you a total of 22, which would cause you to lose.

Basic strategy recognizes both the good possibility of being dealt a 10 card and the good possibility of …

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