Online 먹튀검증사이트Spotlight: Q&A with Todd Arnold

Craig Tapscott / Special to 먹튀검증사이트 Poker superstar Todd Arnold (aka NSXT2) packs an array of weapons in his poker strategy arsenal, none more potent than his razor-sharp mind.
“My first thoughts about poker were that it was not a luck based game; it was skill with an aspect of luck. This fact alone made me want to improve my game. I’m very competitive, especially when it involves Joo slots outsmarting someone,” says Todd.
Trial and error, observation and analyzing each hand over and over, to determine why a pot was won or lost, has paid huge dividends. Since 2003 he has won over 60 Multi-table tournaments online kazino online without ever cracking a single poker book. Ironically, his stellar play has led to an ongoing strategy column in Card Player magazine.
Todd Arnold goes against conventional thinking and makes a lot of money doing it.
“One example. Most people who’ve read all the proper books know to raise UTG (Under The Gun – the first two table positions after the big blind) with big hands and fold with rags. I figured if everyone was doing what all the books said, then by doing the opposite, I could represent big hands and take down many hands after the flop with any two cards,” shared Todd.
Not one to be satisfied he continued to experiment. Soon Todd discovered that it was more important to focus on the other players’ cards more than his own. One discipline he practiced was to mask his hole cards on the computer monitor. This way he had no clue what had been dealt to him. This technique forced him to play the opponents cards, chip stacks and betting patterns and completely forget about his own cards. Psychology had now become his most powerful weapon.
“My personality at the table is very talkative, outgoing and a little crazy. This makes people think I’m reckless, which is an image I like most of the time. I also rarely call. My order of preference is re-raise, raise, fold … sit out, then maybe call,” laughs Todd. “It really should be your last option. There are times when a call is the correct play and can be very powerful, either to conserve chips or with the intent to outplay further along in the hand, but generally aggression rules.”
“The betting patterns of your opponent can tell you the likelihood of his holding a strong hand. Questions you should ask yourself are: What is the frequency of his raises? How much does he raise pre-flop? Does his position seem to matter? Is it more common for him to raise from some positions more than others? Does he always bet the flop? Does he always check when first to act? Is he an extractor or a “fear bettor”? Is he crafty or straightforward? And so on. Pay attention to consistencies and inconsistencies to determine where something looks fishy. From answers to these questions you can get a good read on the relative strength of his hand and come to a strong decision of how to play yours.”
This year Todd intends to focus more on live play in major WPT and WSOP events. In 2005 he was very successful on the live circuit, cashing in 4 World Poker Tour events, including the 25k Championship at the Bellagio.
Todd is involved in many poker related ventures. He is the Ambassador for ParadisePoker, a writer for Card Player magazine and an online poker-training guru for the US Collegiate Poker League. As founder and head instructor at, he shares his mad skills with members via video capture and voiceover. He is also very active in online poker forums answering questions whenever and wherever he can and loves giving back to the game that has contributed so much to his life. Where are you from and when were you first introduced to poker?
Todd Arnold: I’m From Grafton, Massachusetts. I always knew the game of poker since I was a kid, at least as far as hand rankings anyway. I started playing online in 2003. What were the first stakes you played in?
TA: I started playing the MTT (multi-table tournaments) with buy-ins from $20 to $200. When did you realize you could really compete with the best players?
TA: After winning my first large MTT online (over 600 players), I started to wonder. After placing 36th in the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals and having the chip lead for the first three days, I was sure. How would you describe your style of play?
TA: Constantly changing. I vary my play so much sometimes I confuse myself. This makes me very difficult to read. What part of your game do you think needs the most improvement?
TA: I need more discipline. I need to play EVERY hand like it matters because it does. To what do you owe most of your success in online poker?
TA: Perseverance. Also, I created an image back when I started. I did not want to just play and not have an image. I worked very hard at the beginning to create it. It pays off well now. I knew, with my addictive personality, I would be playing a long time, so being recognizable at the tables now turned out to be a good plan.
Within the poker community Todd has developed the reputation as one of the nicest players on and off the felt, willing to share hands and stories 24/7. But don’t let that warm, friendly smile fool you. While he’s chatting away at the table, everyone’s chips are deceptively elevating his stack.
In part two of our interview Todd will share specific strategy in various situations at the tournament table, as well as how his own game has grown, by coaching beginning to advanced players, privately and through his website.

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