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Proof reading at Translation Company UK

A lot of our clients come to us with documents that have already been translated by someone else, Bubble Translationsing us to double-check the work to make sure it’s fully accurate. Of course, we’re very pleased to do this.

Whatever the language required, our proof reading service is only carried out by mother-tongue speakers which guarantees the grammatical accuracy, spelling, terminology and completeness of the document before it is handed back to the client.


We’re proud to say that there isn’t a language or a subject matter that we can’t successfully handle.
That’s because over the years we’ve built a trusted worldwide network of over 2,500 professionally qualified freelance translators who only translate into their mother tongue, have demonstrated their professionalism and expertise in their chosen field and have a minimum of 3 years commercial experience as a translator.

Most of them are also localised which means they’re based in the country of the target language and often close to the industry in which they specialise, so they’re up to date with the latest terminology, buzz words, current thinking and developments.

When we’re given a translation project, it’s the tBubbles Translation of our highly experienced Project Managers to carefully choose which translator will do the job according to the language and subject area required.

And of course, every single translation project we undertake has to be absolutely correct – there’s simply no room for error.

So each translator’s work is double-checked by a Translation Company UK second mother-tongue speaker for grammar, spelling and completeness. We also use the very latest in Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) software to guarantee language accuracy and consistency.

CAT software tools basically aid the creative and skilled translator by memorising everything they translate as they work through the text on any project, prompting them with their own translation if the same or similar text is repeated.

This is particularly useful for large translation projects with a high degree of repetition, or projects that need frequent revisions, such as the updating of manuals and reference books. It ensures repetitive texts are translated consistently, saves a great amount of time and more importantly, money.

Project Management Consultancy

In our experience, translation projects run more smoothly and are most often completed to everyone’s satisfaction when a close, trusting relationship between our clients and ourselves is established from the very beginning.
Long before any translation project even starts, we like to sit down with our clients and make sure we understand exactly what they want to achieve so that we may then advise them on the best way of achieving it as cost effectively as possible.

Our Project Management Consultancy service is the key to this and has led directly to us becoming one of the fastest growing and most successful translation companies in the UK.

Of course, different clients have different needs but our friendly Project Management Consultancy team is flexible enough to provide a tailor-made service to suit each one, guiding them every step of the way through the whole translation process.

This has proved to be an especially valuable service for clients who have large volume or complex projects and/or have never worked with a translation company before.

With each translation project, planning ahead is absolutely vital and should ideally begin before the document to be translated has even been written.

Pre-checking even the smallest details – that our software versions are compatible with our clients for example, or providing sample translations to make sure the client is happy with the translators’ work – can have a major influence on the successful outcome of a job.

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