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So it’s time for that big move! Maybe you have so much stuff that getting a rental truck makes sense. If you’ve never rented a cargo van before, the procedure might seem daunting. If you are moving many miles, you probably would like a little advice before you start.


Getting a rental truck is a common occurrence in our country, considering how many times people need to move. Job transfers, college attendance, and simply wanting a new start can all contribute to the desire or need to live in a new place. A cargo van rental can simplify that move.


First, you will probably need to reserve your Flatbed Truck Hire in advance. This is especially true if you are planning to move during the spring or summer, which are traditionally popular times for moving. It is also true if you hope to be using the truck on a weekend, since these are also busy times for cargo van rental companies. If you can schedule your move a month in advance, do so.


Rental trucks come in a variety of sizes. Box trucks, as a basic rental truck is called, do not require a special drivers’ license like a semi does because they don’t have air brakes. However, driving can be tricky. It makes sense to rent the smallest rental truck you can in order to make driving a little easier.


So how much stuff do you need to move? A van or rental trailer might be big enough if you just have a few household items, but if you are moving the furniture and all from a larger home, you will need a larger rental truck. A rule of thumb that might help is to allow three or four feet of truck for each room of furnishings you are planning to move. In other words, seven or eight rooms would be best moved by a 24-foot rental truck, while a 15-foot truck might be enough for four or five rooms of furnishings.


To get the best deal on a Flatbed Truck Hire, you can get online estimates from the different truck rental agents in your own area. Make sure you know their requirements for returning the truck, including the closest pick up point. Plan now to fill the truck with gas when returning it.


Getting a rental truck doesn’t have to be a scary experience even if you never have done it before. The cargo van rental companies are used to having to explain the procedures to new customers. Consider it a challenge to learn this new skill when moving to a new location.


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