Tabcorp Increases Commitment To Training In Responsible Service Of Gambling To Sg Online Casino

Welcoming the launch today of a new responsible service of gaming training program offered by William Angliss College, TABCORP announced a commitment to have all its current permanent staff undergo responsible service of gambling training appropriate to their roles within the next 12 months.


Tabaret gaming venues around Victoria would be encouraged to put all their gaming room staff through the course within two years.


“Training in the responsible service of gambling products is an essential plank in TABCORP’s recently adopted Responsible Gambling Code,” said TABCORP’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ross Wilson.


“We endorse the William Angliss course because it encapsulates an important new direction set by the Australian Gaming Council’s national framework Responsible Gaming Code, upon which TABCORP has based its own Code,” Mr Wilson said.


The course covers a number of skills and topics, including:

  • A profile of the gaming industry;
  • Relevant legislation, regulations and industry codes of practice;
  • Understanding the concept of harm minimisation;
  • Ability to respond appropriately to customer requests with information about support services
  • Awareness of customers displaying observable signs of distress or seeking assistance, and the most suitable response to be taken in such circumstances.


Participants will have the opportunity to learn through interactive video scenarios depicting realistic scenarios. Experienced professional trainers will encourage group discussion and sharing of relevant experiences.


Ross Wilson said that like the new TABCORP Responsible Gambling Code, the William Angliss course represented a significant step by the gaming industry to increase its efforts towards reducing the incidence of problem gambling.



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The TABCORP Code builds on existing company and industry gaming initiatives ( Sg Online Casino ) which have been developed and introduced progressively since early 1997.


The key thrusts of the new Code are:


  • To minimise the likelihood of customers developing problems with their gambling, through fully informed choice (including making available in venues product information, information about problem gambling, and chances of winning), and
  • to assist those customers who acknowledge difficulties with their gambling to seek help.


“This latter point, the need to provide assistance where appropriate, is why training in responsible service is so important,” Mr Wilson said. “Both the Code and the training represent a major breakthrough in this respect.”


Mr Wilson added that TABCORP was one of four industry organizations to endorse the William Angliss program; others included Tattersall’s, the Australian Hotels Association, and Clubs Victoria.


“In addition, I understand valuable input was provided by local government representatives, the Interchurch Gambling Taskforce, and Gambler’s Help,” said Mr Wilson. “This kind of co-operation is critical, as we all share a common interest in assisting problem gamblers.”


TABCORP will ensure that all current staff undertake a training course within the next 12 months that is appropriate to their role. All training will either be provided by William Angliss or meet the same stringent standards as those set in the William Angliss program.


The company will ask its Tabaret gaming venues to put gaming room staff through responsible service of gaming training within two years.


The TABCORP Responsible Gambling Code covers all areas of the company’s business, including gaming and wagering operations in Victoria, and at Star City Casino in Sydney. It will shortly be available on TABCORP’s website at


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