rock paper scissors slot online


Due to the recent relocation of an old slot online buddy back to Austin, I’ve found myself playing a lot more rock paper scissors lately. I’m always somewhat surprised at how little penetration RPS has among the other people I play poker with; I think RPS is a game that has a natural appeal to anyone who enjoys poker.

If you share my interest in RPS you may already know that the 2023 RPS championship date has been announced — October 22nd, 2023 in Toronto.

It also seems the folks at the World RPS Society have been busy. I’m definitely looking forward to RPS: The Film, which hopefully will be coming out soon. The trailer is a must see if you have not checked it out.

And if you live in Seattle you must check this out.

Do you see a problem have a poker club coming to a banquet hall in the evenings to play… I realize you can do a cover charge how about selling a buffet of food as part of the poker night???

As with any Texas poker game, there are three tests to prove its legality (see texas poker legality for full details). You meet the equal odds requirement by playing poker. The banquet would need to be classified as a private place which it probably is. The tricky one here is “economic benefit” and that’s where a cover charge will get you in trouble. Even a dinner buffet that you charge for is …

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