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Will Ripple hit $1 by December XRP its just getting warmed up by Crypto Gambling experts

With $13.7 Trillion in globally negative yielding debt, we are treading on new territory, never previously seen by humanity … ever, in commerce.

Negative yielding debt? Imagine. Would you lend $100,000 to anyone – even family – if the interest rate meant, instead of you receiving money, or being zero (aka family), that every month you (the “Lender”) had to pay the borrower, more money? Think about that! You lend someone, your hard earned dollars and then, month after month, instead of making a return on your money, you have to pay out more money? Insanity.

This alone reflects the failing of the Western Central banking system; and has never previously been witnessed in 5000 years of recorded commerce; and not enough people are talking about it – period.

Like a tsunami of capital, this $13.7Trn in negative yielding debt will – and very soon – seek out a return; and, as we speak, has already begun this process of, ebbing out of the countries whose government bonds presently provide this negative yield (Japan, Germany, France, Europe).

If one wants to really understand from more than just a surface opinion on why the recent rally of crypto, one need only understand this very under-reported tidbit of data/knowledge. A tsunami of capital, like a fire-hose, will find its way to other investments – it’s that simple. And while historically, precious metals juniors, cannabis stocks, crypto, etc. has been seen as a more “risky” investment, nothing is more risky than a guaranteed negative yield, like this government debt.

Lets be honest, countries like Japan, which have recently adopted Ripple in a big way, are already very well aware of such crisis’ – even though general market may not be. Proof: Negative interest rates in Japan have driven up safe (physical vaults) sales up to 1000% of previous year sales (year after year). Citizens are doing whatever they can to put their wealth somewhere and avoid paying bank fees. Which guarantees the banks are scrambling to figure out how to reduce such fees; hence why block-chain is so so appealing. Not to mention, why Ripple is being adopted left right and center all over the world; it is exactly, what the banks have been looking for.

However, $13.7Trn in negative yielding debt, implicitly and absolutely points to a failing system – the hull is already taking on water, but nobody is paying attention on Crypto Gambling. And as awareness grows of such failure, you can guarantee cryptographic commodities are also going to see the love – as they have been. If banks weren’t nervous themselves they wouldn’t have implemented Bail-in legislation all over the world (in 2009 US; and 2013 Canada; and many other countries). In the US and Canada the Bail-in provisions were the largest Acts ever passed in Congress, and you never heard a peep about it. A financial jujitsu, where upon the next big crash happening, banks not expecting “Bail-out” monies to be enough, have passed law, to allow them to keep your hard earned deposits. [A crash that Buffet, says could be 12-18 months away.]

And lets be honest with ourselves: If citizens are scrambling to store cash and physical bullion in a country, because of the growing awareness of such things, you can bet the banks get it!


While saving on transactions costs is the primary alluring feature of Ripple, there lay an even more shiny gem within its heart – and it has not gone unmissed by those implementing it, be assured. While these countries and central banks are money printing, “attempting” to pay interest obligations on ever increasing debts, you can bet they see that, $1B invested in XRP, instead of being thrown at debt interest, could be printed and invested and be worth 1000x in the future, or $1Trn NPV; solving many “larger” issues besides just institutional lending.

You can bet the ESF (in the US) is already, well invested in crypto (or is doing so), to do this very thing – aka make a fortune and pay off/erase national debts behind the curtain.

By Q4 of 2017 Ripple will hit at least $1.00, easily, reaching parity with the USD. Why you ask? Because the guys with the biggest wallets in the room will be doing the buying: banks, nations and elite families. — That’s not a statement, or a sales pitch, it’s a fact.

Now, is this just isolated to Ripple? Nope. All crypto will see love! However, Ripple, being introduced from the top down has the support of the elites, and as the richest families in the world begin buying, you can bet it will permanently skyrocket.

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