TeleCoin is an Anonymous peer-to-peer Crypto Currency

“BlockChains distributed Consensus Model is the most important invention since the internet itself”

TeleCoin is a peer-to-peer crypto currency that enables instant, anonymous, near-zero cost transactions to anyone in the world regardless of location. TeleCoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized whilst being a community driven project aimed at fulfilling worldwide acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Great Accessibility

Easy Access crypto currency available anywhere on the planet. All you need is internet access, there are no restrictions. The network is ready for business 24/7, 365 days a year.

Improved & Faster Technology

TeleCoin is more modern and up to date and launches with stronger encryption and exceptionally faster transaction speeds compared to its predecessors.


TeleCoin transactions are sent peer to peer, which means they are not subject to any banking fees or any central authority. This allows businesses and individuals to operate with more privacy with no personal or sensitive information floating on clouds, servers or databases.


The TeleCoin network uses TOR which gives users the ability to remain anonymous when sending payments…Our Updated Wallet will Launch AUG 2018



Download binaries for Windows


Mac OS X

Download binaries for Mac OS X



Download binaries for Linux



  • Tele (TELE) – Ticker/Trade symbol
  • 18 Million Coins at Block 1, all other = 0 Coins
  • 1 Minute Block time
  • DGW Retargeting
  • POS (proof of stake) – set at block 200 and is 0.5%
  • x13 POW Mining Algo, to keep the chain moving while staking comes into effect
  • 110 Block conformation on mined coin, 6 Blocks for transfer
  • POW last until block 20000, again this is only to ensure that the chain is moving while POS growing

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