Will Ripple hit $1 by December XRP its just getting warmed up by Crypto Gambling experts

Crypto Gambling

With $13.7 Trillion in globally negative yielding debt, we are treading on new territory, never previously seen by humanity … ever, in commerce.

Negative yielding debt? Imagine. Would you lend $100,000 to anyone – even family – if the interest rate meant, instead of you receiving money, or being zero (aka family), that every month you (the “Lender”) had to pay the borrower, more money? Think about that! You lend someone, your hard earned dollars and then, month after month, instead of making a return on your money, you have to pay out more money? Insanity.

This alone reflects the failing of the Western Central banking system; and has never previously been witnessed in 5000 years of recorded commerce; and not enough people are talking about it – period.

Like a tsunami of capital, this $13.7Trn in negative yielding debt will – and very soon – seek out a return; and, as we speak, has already begun this process of, ebbing out of the countries whose government bonds presently provide this negative yield (Japan, Germany, France, Europe).

If one wants to really understand from more than just a surface opinion on why the recent rally of crypto, one need only understand this very under-reported tidbit of data/knowledge. A tsunami of capital, like a fire-hose, will find its way to other investments – it’s that simple. And while historically, precious metals juniors, cannabis stocks, crypto, etc. has been seen as a more “risky” investment, nothing is more risky than a guaranteed …

Racking Up in Sbobet Indonesia

Sbobet Indonesia

“Raise,” said the stranger in the five seat. He was busy racking up his chips. Everyone folded to me, holding Ad5c in the big blind. I had a decision to make.

It was late in our $30-$60 hold’em game. The stranger had built a wall of chips. It appeared he was not that used to having a lot of chips, because his wall was in great jeopardy of tumbling down. Not from bad play, although his play was not that great, but from bad architecture. He had built several stacks 40 chips high, and lined them up at the very edge of the table. He had not built a stable base. Any false move by anyone and the cleaning crew was going to be finding a bonanza for weeks.

Three spots from the big blind, he got up and grabbed a few racks. Clearly, he was heading home. Now his raise had come while he was tearing down the wall and putting it into the racks. I had some things to think about before I acted.

Specifically, I usually consider three things:

What general criteria do I use in this situation (in this case, defending the big blind) in deciding to call, raise or fold?

How well does my hand (in this case, ace-rag) meet the general criteria?

Are there any other tells or situational issues that might affect my decision (in this case, an opponent racking up chips)?

Consideration 1: Defending the big blind

A lot of limit hold’em …

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Togel Online



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Bonus OSB


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Mencari Agen Bola | Bandar Bola | Situs Judi Bola Online Togel Online Terpercaya Di Indonesia Memang Tidaklah Mudah dan membingungkan anda karena harus mencari yang paling tepat. Selain itu pula Masing-masing Agen Judi Bola Online Memiliki Keuntungan & Fasilitasnya Masing-Masing. Baik Dalam Segi Layanan, Transkasi, Bonus, Jenis Permainan Dan Sebagainya.


Namun Jika kita bandingkan dengan segi negatifnya, Masih banyak di luar sana Bandar Bola Online Yang Tidak Bertanggung Jawab. Baik yang tidak membayar Hasil Kemenangan Member, Memberikan Layanan Yang Cukup Buruk Seperti Customer Service Yang Tidak Sopan, Pembayaran Yang Di Kenakan Biaya Hingga Pada Promo Bonus Yang Tidak Menjanjikan.


Casino Online OSB


Agen Judi Bola Online Terpercaya Indonesia

Nah, Tentunya Kamu tidak ingin berada pada posisi tersebut bukan? Oleh sebab …

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Shared Web Hosting?

best webhost


There are five different types of web hosting, and we can get access to all of them very quickly. We just have to get to know the concept of easy web hosting, and we will be able to get the knowledge of how it works. With proper knowledge, we can make the best decision, and we can also make a better way to the career. When it comes to shared web hosting, it is the most famous one, and there are many people who are using it. Many people trust the web hosting type, so there must be some advantage to it too. So let’s get to the benefits.


Cheaper: When we first try something, we always look for a more affordable option. If someone is new to making a website, they look for a webhost first. After they find one, they look if they can find the service in the range that seems acceptable. We can even find free services too. But it is better to take the paid services so that we can hold them accountable for the customer care services and be responsive.

Easily available: As we all know, they are famous to easily find providers. It will be easy to find the best webhost and take their services too. Shared services are accessible, and we can easily find space for the website without being in a hassle. It is cheaper, and it is convenient for the person who needs a website.


Put Your Best Foot Forward

At the gym and at the pool on your winter vacation, you always want to put your best foot forward. Here are some tips to prevent fungal infections – for healthily and better looking toe nails. Also have a look at

Normally, toenails are effective barriers against fungus. However, fungus can infiltrate under the nail, in the nail bed and nail plate when there is untreated Athlete’s Foot, a break in the nail from an injury, certain medical conditions, or long-term exposure to dampness.

The fungi actually eat protein (keratin) in the nail, which causes thickened, yellowed nails. People can have nail fungus without realizing it. But you don’t have to give up your gym workouts or beach and pool visits. Embarrassing nail fungus is a treatable infection. The good news is that fungus grows slowly, is treatable and does not spread to internal organs.

This common condition is also known as Onychomycosis or Tinea Unguium. The fungi most likely to cause the problem are called dermatophytes, which thrive in warm, damp areas, including locker rooms, showers, spas and swimming pools.

Whether you are enjoying sun and sand, a pampering day at the spa or working out at the gym, you’ll want to be sure your nails are well-kept and healthy.

For some general prevention tips click on www.fungalguide.ca/basics/prevent_fungal_infections.html and follow these steps: Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

Check …

Aussie Millions Excitement in togel Melbourne

The Aussie Millions, Southern Hemisphere’s biggest poker championship, kicked off at the Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia last week on January 5th. Nine champions have already been crowned, and the Main Event’s day 1 starts on Monday. There are 16 events scheduled, and the 10,000 AUD Main Event features a guaranteed first prize of 1 million AUD.
The events started with a 1,100 togel No Limit Holdem tournament which was played over two days and had total prize pool of 537,000 AUD. V‌incent Wan, a Melbourne native, battled Michael “Timex” McDonald heads up and emerged victorious, winning a handsome 142,302 AUD first prize. McDonald received 85,920 for his second place finish. The heads up match was in no way easy to win; it lasted for over 60 hands and the lead was traded back and forth a number of times before things were said and done. Wan eventually won with JJ after managing to get McDonald’s stack in the middle with A8o.

Event #1 results:
1) Vincent Wan (142,302 AUD)
2) Mike “Timex” McDonald (85,920 AUD)
3) Peter Pratis (56,385 AUD)
4) Justin Gendle (40,275 AUD)
5) Jovan Scekic (29,535 AUD)
6) Yevgeniy Timoshenko (21,480 AUD)
7) Alex Luck (16,110 AUD)
8 ) John Georges (12,888 AUD)
9) Con Cotsomitis (10,203 AUD)
10) Kalan Shuttlewood (7,787 AUD)

Event two was a 1,100 AUD Pot Limit Holdem tournament, attracting a 189 field and also played over two days. Chris Chronis, an Australian fashion designer, made a late run on Day 1 …

High Stakes Poker Season 7: Early Season Update

Game Show Network’s “High Stakes Poker” telecasts have managed over the course of 6+ seasons to build a large and loyal following based on a surprisingly simple concept: you can televise poker even when it’s not tournament play! For many recreational players who participate mainly in cash games (including this author), HSP has been a welcomed addition to the line-up of poker shows currently available. Over the years the show has changed venues, and changed players, but the core idea remains intact. Post your cash, and the game keeps running until the cameras stop filming. No one gets “eliminated”, the blinds never increase, and as such it remains primarily a skill-based, people-reading game — poker in its purest form.
While HSP has seen a wide variety of players, settings, and styles, a few things have remained the same. Daniel Negreanu will always run horri-bad in this format, and it’s no knock on him. He has just been surprisingly unlucky in expensive spots over the years. Sam Farha will apparently no longer play on television, believing that it’s bad for his game (and he might be right, we’ll just have to take his word for it). crypto gambling will, for the most part, provide some comic relief or interesting plays, but generally lose (except for Guy Laliberte). But this seventh season of HSP will not necessarily hold to form in all ways – although Farha remains absent, as do all of the Full Tilt Poker red pros who had played previously, …

togel hongkong hari ini Strategy: Hard 12

Learning the correct moves in blackjack, those moves that have the highest odds of success, is the key to being a good player and having the most success. Too many people try to go with their gut or just wing it, but blackjack basic strategy was created for a reason. It has been shown time and again to be the best way to reduce the house edge and the moves are those that give you the highest percentage chance of success.

Earlier I dissected the strategy for soft hands and right now we’re dealing with hard hands. In this case, it is a hard 12, which is any hand with a value of 12 that does not use an ace as an 11. The correct moves can be found on any togel hongkong hari ini basic strategy chart, but here they are in more detail.

If the dealer shows a 4, 5 or 6 as an upcard, you should stand. If the dealer shows anything else, you should take a hit.

This is the first hard hand we’ve covered where you would stand in any situation. That is because, unlike those hands, with a hard 12 there is a possibility of going bust. A 10 card is the most prevalent card in the deck, and receiving one would give you a total of 22, which would cause you to lose.

Basic strategy recognizes both the good possibility of being dealt a 10 card and the good possibility of the dealer …

Review of Super Casino

Pete Earley decided to write a book on the Las Vegas casino boom of the ’90s. What he got was unprecedented access to the internal operations of the Luxor hotel and casino, a modern resort property owned by Mandalay Resorts Group, formerly Circus Circus Enterprises. During the time of his access, Earley records the ups and downs of the Luxor from an insider’s view, explores Las Vegas history focusing on recent events and the Circus chain in particular, and spends time with several colorful figures associated with this enigmatic industry.

The book is divided into several parts. The first section is titled “Counting Cards”, where Earley tells the story of Luxor personnel watching card counters at their casino as a sort of prelude to the action of the book. Unfortunately, whoever taught the author about card counting doesn’t seem to know the first thing about the subject, or else Earley wasn’t a very good student, because this whole first section is crap. Don’t give up, though, the book gets much better.

The next section is called “Prologue” and it’s yet another history of the casino business in Las Vegas. This one is pretty well done. It tells some stories I hadn’t heard before, and tries to set the record straight on a number of infamous Las Vegas legends. I don’t know which versions are correct, but at it’s worst this is a credible work. At it’s best it reveals significant new insights into this well chronicled metropolis. The section does …

Square Vs Round Drill for Diamond Dotz?

Diamond Dotz

If this is your first experience with diamond painting, then, you are in for great excitement. It allows you to display the artistic masterpiece within, and in the end, you’ll be marveled at the level of output.

Besides, it would give you great pleasure as it is something you made by yourself. It is straightforward, and anyone can learn it. Yes, I mean anyone.

The physics behind these diamonds:
The word ”5D diamond” is often used for the square and round diamonds, and this is due to their ability to reflect light at different angle planes, providing a sparkling and glowing effect. Also, most people choose to call these diamonds ‘drills,” probably because of the shape individual diamonds assume when applied to a canvas.round drill vs square drill

Now let’s get down to the main idea of the content.

Below are the basic differences between around drill and the Square drill (Square Vs Round Drill).

Ease of operation
It is easier for learners to handle round diamonds because it provides a hassle-free means for it to be picked and placed on the canvas with the applicator.

Increased Sparkle
It is observed that round diamonds tend to appear more sparkling on bigger paintings. Some round diamonds are specially made and designed for this purpose. They have 26 facets (that is double of the usual 13 faces). The more the side, the more it’s the ability to produce a sparkle effect.

Perfect fit
If we compare the two types in terms of …

POKER: The Game You Should Be Playing

Unique Casino

PokerFrom Steve McQueen in the Cincinnati Kid to Matt Damon in Rounders, poker has always had an air of irresistible cool. But after years in the wilderness with a reputation as a game played purely by dodgy looking blokes with braces in smoky backrooms, something strange has happened. Poker’s gone mainstream. In fact, it’s not so much gone upmarket, as gone trendy.


It’s the game to play and be seen playing.


Kick-started by the high-stakes drama of Late Night Poker, Channel 4 and Sky’s unexpected post-pub TV hit, the poker boom has been further fuelled by the meteoric rise of online poker. This impact of this surge of new blood coming to poker via their modems was highlighted by the victory of the aptly named Chris Moneymaker, a US-based accountant and Internet poker player, at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Having qualified online for $40, Moneymaker went home with $2.5m.


And like any new in-thing, poker has its fair share of celebrity followers. Matt Damon and Rounders co-star, the newly crowned Unique Casino GQ man of the year Ed Norton, are both avid players going so far as to play in the World Series. Other fans include comedians Stephen Fry and Ricky Gervias, Friends star Matthew Perry, writers Vicky Coren, Louise Wener and Martin Amis, not to mention those legends of the green baize Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis and Jimmy White.


So what exactly is the secret behind the rise and rise of …

Penipuan Togel Online Hongkong – Apa saja akibatnya?

Pengeluaran HK

Salah satu topik paling sensitif yang sedang dibahas dalam industri kasino online saat ini adalah penipuan, dan apa yang dilakukan untuk mencegah dan memerangi aktivitas tidak bermoral tersebut.

Ada banyak desas-desus yang beredar tentang mengklaim keberadaan monzi.com.au daftar hitam pemain yang menipu kasino – dan juga, ada diskusi publik tentang kasino yang menipu pemain dari uang mereka.

Faktanya adalah, kedua belah pihak memiliki orang-orang yang tidak bermoral yang niatnya hanya untuk merebut sebanyak mungkin sebelum mereka tertangkap. Dan ketika tertangkap, mereka mengaku tidak bersalah dan mengutuk adanya daftar konyol tersebut.

Baru-baru ini, salah satu kelompok manajer kasino tertangkap ketika seorang pemain menerima surat dari kasino yang mengklaim bahwa mereka masuk daftar hitam. Namun, ketika pemain ini memeriksa dengan anggota asosiasi lainnya, anggota tersebut mengklaim bahwa pemain tersebut tidak ada dalam daftar tersebut – yaitu, sampai nama tersebut ditambahkan tak lama setelah fakta tersebut.

Alasan yang dituduhkan? Penyalahgunaan bonus online.

Penyalahgunaan bonus adalah istilah yang ditafsirkan dengan cara yang berbeda oleh orang yang berbeda. Ada yang mengatakan bahwa penyalahgunaan bonus adalah tindakan mendapatkan bonus dan mencoba menguangkannya tanpa memenuhi syarat dan ketentuan bonus.

Yang lain mengatakan bahwa penyalahgunaan Pengeluaran HK bonus adalah ketika seorang pemain memenuhi syarat dan ketentuan bonus untuk tee – artinya, mereka hanya bertaruh minimum mutlak yang diperlukan untuk mendapatkan bonus.

Rupanya definisi terakhir yang menyebabkan pemain ini dimasukkan ke dalam apa yang disebut daftar hitam. Yang menimbulkan pertanyaan: Jika seseorang memenuhi semua syarat dan ketentuan untuk mendapatkan bonus, bagaimana hal ini dapat diklasifikasikan sebagai penyalahgunaan atau penipuan?…

Proof reading at Translation Company UK

Translation Company UK

A lot of our clients come to us with documents that have already been translated by someone else, Bubble Translationsing us to double-check the work to make sure it’s fully accurate. Of course, we’re very pleased to do this.

Whatever the language required, our proof reading service is only carried out by mother-tongue speakers which guarantees the grammatical accuracy, spelling, terminology and completeness of the document before it is handed back to the client.


We’re proud to say that there isn’t a language or a subject matter that we can’t successfully handle.
That’s because over the years we’ve built a trusted worldwide network of over 2,500 professionally qualified freelance translators who only translate into their mother tongue, have demonstrated their professionalism and expertise in their chosen field and have a minimum of 3 years commercial experience as a translator.

Most of them are also localised which means they’re based in the country of the target language and often close to the industry in which they specialise, so they’re up to date with the latest terminology, buzz words, current thinking and developments.

When we’re given a translation project, it’s the tBubbles Translation of our highly experienced Project Managers to carefully choose which translator will do the job according to the language and subject area required.

And of course, every single translation project we undertake has to be absolutely correct – there’s simply no room for error.

So each translator’s work is double-checked by a Translation Company UK second mother-tongue speaker …

Slotland 먹튀검증사이트  Jackpot Is Over $150,000 and Overdue for a Win


Notoriously regular jackpot hasn’t been hit since July

Many slot machine and video poker players at Slotland.com are convinced the progressive jackpot there is overdue for a hit. All of Slotland’s online slot machines pinup online are tied to the same progressive jackpot. It is usually hit not long after it reaches $100,000, and it rarely goes more than six to eight weeks between six-figure wins.

The Slotland.com jackpot is just over $150,000. It hasn’t been won since July when a player known as MARMOTLUV won $80,369 playing one of Slotland’s newer online slot machines, the Slotris.

Of course there’s no predicting when a progressive jackpot will be won. Every time a player places a bet that qualifies for the progressive jackpot (a max bet is required in most games) Joo slots part of their wager goes to the progressive jackpot pool. That pool keeps growing until someone hits the jackpot.

Slotland.com currently features thirteen unique slot machines and three video poker games. Four of the most popular online slot machines and two video poker games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. All of Slotland’s games give players the option of placing a maximum bet for a chance at the progressive jackpot.

This year, Slotland.com is celebrating eleven years of big jackpots, original new games, and happy online slots players.

Slotland Jackpot Loosens Up with Jackpot Winners Three Months in a Row

slotland-jackpot-reelriot-90.jpgWhat’s going on at Slotland?! Used to be their progressive jackpot, which is tied to all …