Raw deal, say card counters



ATLANTIC CITY – This group of card-counting blackjack players had a good thing going for about 10 months a decade ago as they pooled their money, split their winnings, and worked their way through the tables of Atlantic City’s casinos.


But Dino D’Andrio, 71, a retired engineer from Marlton, and his cohorts haven’t sat at the gaming tables in a decade, not since the casinos began shutting them down with strategies of their own. D’Andrio and friends have been trying ever since to challenge the rules that allow the casinos to count cards and shuffle the decks whenever they start favoring the players Pengeluaran SGP . The group even argued in a lawsuit that casino card-shuffling practices were in violation of federal racketeering laws.


Yesterday, D’Andrio and his former blackjack pals busted again, failing to persuade the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to require casinos to post signs informing patrons of their “card-counter countermeasures.”


Simply put, the card counters want the average gambler to know that the casinos can – and do – count cards, too.


Card counters try to gain an edge by keeping track of how many 10s, aces and face cards have been played out of a six- or eight-deck “shoe,” in order to determine a point at which the odds shift in their favor.


“How is the average patron who goes to Atlantic City to know there’s such a thing as a countermeasure that changes the outcome of the …

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Tabcorp Increases Commitment To Training In Responsible Service Of Gambling To Sg Online Casino



Welcoming the launch today of a new responsible service of gaming training program offered by William Angliss College, TABCORP announced a commitment to have all its current permanent staff undergo responsible service of gambling training appropriate to their roles within the next 12 months.


Tabaret gaming venues around Victoria would be encouraged to put all their gaming room staff through the course within two years.


“Training in the responsible service of gambling products is an essential plank in TABCORP’s recently adopted Responsible Gambling Code,” said TABCORP’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ross Wilson.


“We endorse the William Angliss course because it encapsulates an important new direction set by the Australian Gaming Council’s national framework Responsible Gaming Code, upon which TABCORP has based its own Code,” Mr Wilson said.


The course covers a number of skills and topics, including:

  • A profile of the gaming industry;
  • Relevant legislation, regulations and industry codes of practice;
  • Understanding the concept of harm minimisation;
  • Ability to respond appropriately to customer requests with information about support services
  • Awareness of customers displaying observable signs of distress or seeking assistance, and the most suitable response to be taken in such circumstances.


Participants will have the opportunity to learn through interactive video scenarios depicting realistic scenarios. Experienced professional trainers will encourage group discussion and sharing of relevant experiences.


Ross Wilson said that like the new TABCORP Responsible Gambling Code, the William Angliss course represented a significant step by the gaming industry …

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Mendapatkan Keuntungan Bermain Pragmatic Play


Dengan ada nya masa pandemic seperti saat ini tentu membuat permainan judi online semakin popular serta di gemari oleh setiap orang yang memang beralih dari permainan judi offline karena memang mereka tidak bisa berpergian tentunya dan juga berbagai tempat judi memang tutup. Dan pada nyatanya memang sangat lebih fleksible Ketika anda bermain judi online 24 jam dikarenakan kita dapat flexible bermain dimana saja dan kapan saja tidak akan mengganggu jadwal kita yang sudah kita buat, dan situs judi online 24 jam tersebut adalah palace303, selain anda mengurangi membuang waktu dan tenaga untuk berpergian ke tempat judi offline. Setiap situs judi online tersebut juga tentunya menyediakan berbagai permainan yang sangat menarik dan tentunya tidak kalah dengan tempat judi offline. Tentu hal tersebut yang memang membuat berbagai game yang tersedia di dalam situs judi online sangat di gemari oleh setiap pemain.

Saat ini, berbagai game yang tersedia di dalam slot online sangat menarik perhatian banyak pemain judi online. Tentu karena cara permainan yang sangat mudah dan tidak rumit namun bisa memberikan mereka keuntungan – keuntungan terbaik dalam setiap taruhan yang mereka ikuti. Nah saat ini ada tempat bermain judi slot online yang sangat terkenal dan juga mampu menarik perhatian setiap pemain judi online, yaitu pragmatic play. Kali ini kami juga tentunya akan menjelaskan serta membahas tentang permainan yang tersedia di dalam pragmatic play dan tentu akan membuat anda semakin ingin bermain judi slot online untuk bisa menghasilkan keuntungan terbaik dalam setiap taruhan yang anda akan ikuti nantinya.

Pragmatic play sendiri adalah …

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Slot Championship No-Limit & Pot-Limit Hold’em

Until this book was written, the best advice on playing Texas Hold’em in Pot Limit or No Limit games was the section from Doyle Brunson’s epic, Super System. Since the writing of Super System the state of the art in poker writing has advanced considerably. There certainly remained a lot to be said about “the Cadillac of poker games”.


  1. J. Cloutier, who has been competing in big time poker events for the better part of two decades, has impeccable credentials as an expert in pot-limit and no-limit Texas Hold’em. The question is, will his expertise translate into a good book? This was especially of concern because although his collaborator, Tom McEvoy, has been one of the most successful tournament poker players in the last 20 years, his book, Tournament Poker was a mediocre offering at best, offering few, if any, significant new insights into being a successful tournament poker player.


I’m happy to say, that these fears turn out to be unfounded. This book was written clearly, as a spoken exposition by Cloutier. The topics in this book are well organized and carefully spelled out. All aspects of the play in these poker games, with a special emphasis on tournament play, are covered. More importantly, there is a significant amount of information here that has never before seen print.

Cloutier goes through how to play starting hands in various positions in detail, covers having various hands on the flop, turn and river. He discusses carefully how to get …

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Those Sensational ligaz888 Slots



It’s man against machine, but does man really have a chance?


Today’s Slots


Even in Nevada, slot machines were merely a curiosity. Even the largest casino contained no more than a few hundred machines. They were there to entertain the browsers, while the serious gambling was conducted at the tables.


A couple of things happened in the 1960s and ’70s that changed the attitudes of both the casino executives and the players. Electro-mechanical machines were developed by pinball-machine builder Bally Manufacturing which permitted many more payoffs than the mechanical machines could accommodate. And the Bally machines came complete with an enlarged ‘hopper,’ or coin storage unit, that could hold up to 2,500 coins. In addition, the Bally machines could accept more than one coin at a time, which allowed the players to insert up to five coins on one pull of the handle.


When casinos were legalized in Atlantic City, riverboats in the Midwest and on Indian reservations across the U.S., slot machines became the game of choice.


Sound effects, special lighting, music and more frequent payouts drew more and more players to the slot machines. Players could chose from three-, four-, and five-reel ligaz888 machines, and in 1980, Bally engineered a group of machines that could be linked together to create a giant jackpot. Ironically, this development would fuel the growth of Bally’s chief competitor, IGT, which developed the ‘life-changing’ million dollar jackpots now commonplace in systems like ‘Megabucks,’ ‘Quartermania,’ and ‘Dollars …

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UFAYoung, but Growing

It’s probably a fair bet that poker in one form or another is played in every European country and there has been a steady growth in the number of nations where public poker is permissible. Not surprisingly the games in some of these places have their own local quirks. Take Spain where poker was recently legalised in the Catalan region. It was almost inevitable that the authorities eventually relented and gave the go ahead for the game in casinos. Carlos Mortenson who won the World Series of Poker $10,000 no-limit Hold’em, was hailed in the media as a world champ, one of the country’s few. Naturally many of the populace asked: “Where can we play?” Not very many places yet: the Gran Casino in Barcelona for one and 100 miles north at the Castell de Peralada Casino.


Poker purists may be in for a surprise or two. The authorities insist that poker as we know it—Hold’em and Omaha—is played in a similar fashion to the native hybrid version known as “Synthetic,” where the UFA deal and action moves counter-clockwise. Instead of dealing from left to right with action moving in the same direction, the whole shebang runs the other way round! And another thing; the small blind is on the button, which really doesn’t matter as the button always has to act first. It only takes a few hands to become acclimatised, and with the abundance of loose action associated with new poker room openings, who cares anyway? The …

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Racking Up in Sbobet Indonesia

“Raise,” said the stranger in the five seat. He was busy racking up his chips. Everyone folded to me, holding Ad5c in the big blind. I had a decision to make.

It was late in our $30-$60 hold’em game. The stranger had built a wall of chips. It appeared he was not that used to having a lot of chips, because his wall was in great jeopardy of tumbling down. Not from bad play, although his play was not that great, but from bad architecture. He had built several stacks 40 chips high, and lined them up at the very edge of the table. He had not built a stable base. Any false move by anyone and the cleaning crew was going to be finding a bonanza for weeks.

Three spots from the big blind, he got up and grabbed a few racks. Clearly, he was heading home. Now his raise had come while he was tearing down the wall and putting it into the racks. I had some things to think about before I acted.

Specifically, I usually consider three things:

What general criteria do I use in this situation (in this case, defending the big blind) in deciding to call, raise or fold?

How well does my hand (in this case, ace-rag) meet the general criteria?

Are there any other tells or situational issues that might affect my decision (in this case, an opponent racking up chips)?

Consideration 1: Defending the big blind

A lot of limit hold’em …

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Stockport Judi Online County v Stalybridge Celtic

Stockport County fans feared the worst as The Hatters lost 3-2 to Stalybridge Celtic at Bower Fold on an unseasonably chilly day back on the August Bank Holiday.


Stockport County v Stalybridge Celtic.


The visiting support vastly outnumbered the locals in the 1,616 crowd but the mood had turned as ugly as the weather by half-time when Stockport found themselves 3-0 down.


Despite a stirring nearly-comeback in the second half, County fans could not have imagined the turn around in form that has seen the Edgeley Park club rise up the Vanarama Conference North to lie presently 6th, while Stalybridge are struggling down in 20th.


Stockport County v Stalybridge Celtic.


Memories of the day include one Stockport fan swearing profusely at the Judi Online players throughout the match while accompanied by his 10 or 11 year-old kid and some silly pitch invasions (Stockport have previous with this) by a handful of dimwits during a last-minute melee that saw County’s Jamie Milligan sent off.


At the end of proceedings a huge County fan “had words” with the offenders and hopefully they have learned their lesson.


Stockport County v Stalybridge Celtic.


McKenna, Chippendale and Ennis scored for Celtic with replies by  Ryan and Dennis for County.

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George’s Premiership Predictions December 6 2014…

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Weekly Situs Domino99 Pkv News

Lionel Messi’s brilliance sealed a thrilling 4-3 victory in the Clasico and ensured that Barcelona remain in the hunt to retain their La Liga title.


In a match featuring three penalties – all scored – and the harsh sending off of Real defender Sergio Ramos, Messi scored a hat-trick and also provided the assist for Andres Iniesta’s opener and a sublime pass for the penalty won by Neymar. “La Liga is not over,” Gerardo Martino said after watching his side close to within a point of title rivals Real and Atletico Madrid.


“We were given up for dead but with this result today we are right back in it. This was our last chance. We did not want to be left out.”

Messi’s hat-trick took him onto a total of 236 goals in the league, overtaking Hugo Sanchez in La Liga history.


Goals galore in record-breaking Premier League weekend


Premier League supporters were thrilled by a record-breaking weekend of goalscoring from the latest round of action in England.


The primary headline-makers were Chelsea, who ran riot against title rivals Arsenal, scoring four times before half-time in a 6-0 thrashing that maintained their four-point lead at the head of the EPL table.


That scoreline only marginally overshadowed the ruthless performances of the other title challengers, with second-placed Liverpool also scoring six in their away win in Cardiff and Manchester City, third but with three games in hand over the leaders, winning 5-0 against bottom side …

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Life on the Bubble

It is a genuine privilege for me to now be a columnist for Card Player . Throughout my 10 years as a professional poker player, and several years prior to that as a serious semipro, I have read Card Player religiously. In fact, I probably have gained more poker knowledge from the pages of this magazine over the years than from any other single source. In my columns, I will be addressing a host of issues, including live-game strategies, tournament play, being a professional poker player, and topics pertaining to the poker industry as a whole.


A recent trip to attend the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure , a World Poker Tour event held at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, gave me the subject matter for this my first column.


A total of 461 players entered this event, in which 80 places were paid, with first place being a tidy sum of $890,000, and 80th spot, $11,600; 81st place, “the bubble,” paid zip. As we neared the money, play in the tournament tightened up considerably. This is typical of major events, in which many of the participants try desperately to avoid elimination. Going out on the bubble is one of the worst feelings in poker, and the large number of players with short stacks were playing squeaky tight.


Armed with this knowledge, several of the players with big stacks were wielding their chips as a weapon. These bullies recognized what was happening, and used their …

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