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The Unfair Advantage of Semantic Analysis to Double your SEO and Triple your AdSense Results
Ranking your website at the top of Google’s search results is not impossible. In fact, it is easier than it seems if you know how to appeal to Google and to your users. This book teaches you the keys to success in SEO ranking, with lessons suited to all skill levels.
We have learned these techniques the hard way, we fought, we were defeated, stood up, studied, shared, investigated, innovated, and after many frustrations we got some guidelines that helped us to greatly improve our SEO and that may help many other webmasters to get huge improvements.
Many of the techniques exposed in these book are already explained in many other books but we have repeated them here, for one important reason: they matter. Google currently pays attention to about 250 signals, and every one of these techniques aim to get a good rating in most of them.
Some of the techniques are absolutely exclusive to this book and curiously are the ones that may skyrocket your SEO or AdSense results. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Companies UK

Semantic SEO is evolving in intelligent, unique and funny ways. Here we will show you incredible discoveries that will let you make the best of these changes.
Statistical Correlations provide evidence that new signals like Relevant and Proof terms strongly affect SEO and here we explain how to take advantage of them.
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