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BusinessBeaches and Beauty: Scenic Australia 2024 Calendar

Beaches and Beauty: Scenic Australia 2024 Calendar

Australia, often referred to as the Land Down Under, is renowned for its stunning and diverse landscapes. In our Scenic Australian Calendars, we invite you to embark on a picturesque journey along the pristine shores and captivating beaches that adorn this remarkable continent. From the iconic Bondi Beach to the remote shores of the Kimberley region, Australia’s coastline offers a breathtaking tapestry of beauty and natural wonder.

January: Bondi Beach, New South Wales

We kick off the year with the world-famous Bondi Beach in New South Wales. Known for its golden sands, turquoise waters, and vibrant atmosphere, Bondi is a quintessential Australian beach destination. January is the perfect time to soak up the sun and surf the waves while taking in the lively beach culture.

February: Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

February takes us to Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland. This paradise is renowned for its powdery white silica sands that stretch for seven kilometers along the shoreline. The crystal-clear waters and lush greenery of the surrounding Whitsunday Islands make it a haven for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxation.

March: Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

March brings us to the pristine shores of Wineglass Bay in Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park. This crescent-shaped bay boasts turquoise waters and ivory sands, framed by rugged granite peaks. It’s a haven for hikers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts, offering breathtaking views from the lookout points.

April: Cable Beach, Western Australia

April takes us to the exotic Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia. This expansive beach is famous for its golden sands and stunning sunsets. Visitors can enjoy camel rides along the shore, explore the unique red cliffs, or simply bask in the tranquility of this remote coastal paradise.

May: Hyams Beach, New South Wales

May transports us to Hyams Beach in New South Wales, renowned for holding the Guinness World Record for having the whitest sand in the world. The pristine, powdery sands and crystal-clear waters make it a hidden gem for those seeking a serene and idyllic getaway.

June: Bells Beach, Victoria

June takes us to Bells Beach in Victoria, a pilgrimage site for surfers from around the globe. This iconic beach is famous for its powerful waves and hosts the Rip Curl Pro surfing competition each year. Even for non-surfers, the rugged beauty of the coastline is captivating.

July: Cable Bay, Norfolk Island

July leads us to the remote Cable Bay on Norfolk Island, located in the South Pacific Ocean. This secluded bay is surrounded by lush greenery and coral reefs, making it a fantastic spot for snorkeling and diving. Norfolk Island’s unique charm adds to the allure of this coastal gem.

August: Four Mile Beach, Queensland

August brings us to Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, Queensland. With its palm-fringed shoreline and calm waters, it’s the perfect destination for a leisurely beach day. From here, visitors can also explore the Great Barrier Reef or the Daintree Rainforest.

September: The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

September invites us to explore the dramatic and iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria. While not a single beach, this scenic drive takes you along some of the most picturesque coastal landscapes in the world. The Twelve Apostles, limestone stacks rising from the Southern Ocean, are a highlight of this journey.

October: Cable Beach, Western Australia

October returns to Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia, to showcase its stunning beauty during the dry season. This is the perfect time to enjoy long walks along the expansive shoreline, camel rides, and uninterrupted sunsets.

November: Noosa Main Beach, Queensland

November takes us to Noosa Main Beach on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. This family-friendly beach is known for its gentle waves and warm waters, making it ideal for swimming and water sports. The nearby Noosa National Park offers picturesque coastal trails for nature enthusiasts.

December: Kimberley Coast, Western Australia

We conclude the year by venturing to the remote Kimberley Coast in Western Australia. This untamed wilderness offers rugged cliffs, secluded beaches, and ancient rock formations. It’s an untouched paradise for those seeking adventure and solitude.


Australia’s coastline is a treasure trove of natural beauty, offering a diverse range of beaches that cater to every preference. Whether you’re an avid surfer, a sunbather, an explorer, or a nature lover, Australia’s scenic wonders along the coast have something to offer everyone. In the Scenic Australia 2024 Calendar, we celebrate the splendor of these beaches and the breathtaking landscapes that surround them.


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